Staging a Home to Sell

The name staging really does mean “setting the stage.” And while furnishings play a part, they are simply there to create a feeling – they must not draw attention to themselves.

The easiest route to staging is to hire a professional, but if that’s simply not in the budget, use these tips to create that “buy me” atmosphere:

  • Check the colors – if you’ve gotten creative with paint color in a room or two, repaint with neutrals. The same goes for carpeting. That purple carpet might have made a statement for you, but it will turn away buyers.
  • Now check the colors of your furnishings. If any items clash with the carpets and drapes, put those items in storage.
  • Buy color-coordinated towels for kitchen and bath… and don’t use them! Put them in place before you leave the house each morning and just prior to any evening showings.
  • Give each bathroom a new shower curtain, rugs and towels – color coordinated in this year’s “in” colors.
  • Install new, modern faucets to give an “updated” impression for a small investment.
  • In the kitchen – You can also modernize by installing a new kitchen faucet – or new cabinet pulls.
  • Put away all those kitchen appliances that clutter the counters and remove all the magnets and reminders attached to the refrigerator door.
  • In every room of the house – re-arrange furniture for good traffic flow and balance. If that means putting some of your furniture in storage, do it.
  • Invest in new bedspreads or comforters – you’ll love them when you get to your new home, and they’ll help sell your current home.
  • Remove all “personal” wall décor and replace it with neutral art such as landscapes and still life pictures of flowers, etc. Items you should remove include family photos, religious pictures, political posters, awards, hunting mounts, and firearms.
  • If your home is cluttered with personal mementos, pack them safely for your move. Leave only a few scattered items – chosen for their addition to the balance in the room.
  • Use flower arrangements chosen for the addition of color to a room. Fresh cut are wonderful, but good quality silk is more practical.
  • Open up spaces with well-placed mirrors. If you have a small room, place a mirror where it will serve to make the room feel larger.
  • Use lighting to open up a dark corner and make a room feel larger.

Remember to stage your outdoor rooms as well…
If you have a patio or other outdoor living area, give it the same critical look as your interior rooms. Then apply the same guidelines.