The “Last Minute” List

When your home is on the market, you never know when a buyer will want to come by for a look, so your house needs to be in top showing condition at all times.

If you’ve given your agent permission to install a lock box (and you should have!) then your house might be shown while you’re off at work, playing, or doing errands.

As you may already know, you don’t sell a house the way you live in a house. So you may need to allow yourself an extra 10 or 20 minutes of “get ready to go time” in the morning in order to make sure the house is always ready.

Before you head out each day, run down this short checklist…

  • Check the trash and the cat’s litter box – if they’re beginning to smell, empty them.
  • Stash the breakfast dishes in the dishwasher or in a dishpan under the sink
  • Wipe down kitchen counters to remove any leftover traces of breakfast
  • Open the blinds and drapes to let in the light.
  • Make the beds, toss dirty clothes in the hamper
  • Make one last pass through the bathrooms – towels hung neatly, toilets flushed, waste baskets emptied
  • Put away medications, cosmetics, other small personal items
  • Straighten the sofa cushions, pick up last night’s newspapers, magazines, etc.
  • Put away yesterday’s mail and any cash or keys that don’t go back in your pocket

And one last thing… while you’re rushing around making sure the house is ready, you’ll be upsetting your normal routine. So don’t forget to unplug the coffee pot!